The current racial/political imbroglio in the Commonwealth of Virginia over black face on the part of politicians

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Friends, The current racial/political imbroglio in the Commonwealth of Virginia over black face on the part of politicians, augmented by Liam Neeson’s honesty, is bringing to the fore religious precepts  of forgiveness and amnesty for past indiscretions.  It is more than just the alt right knee jerk defense of Trump and his racist ilk It

Carey Linde Now An Advisor of CAFE

2019-01-24T19:51:00-07:00January 24th, 2019|Blog|

Carey Linde has been added to CAFE (Canadian Association For Equality) 's Advisory Board. CAFE is an organization with chapters across Canada fighting for equal rights for men and boys. You can find more information here.

Bill C-78 – Barbara’s Perspective

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A great article with commentary from Barbara Kay  on Canadian Bill C-78. Bill C-78, An Act to amend the Divorce Act had its first reading on May 22. It is now in Committee with witness presentations underway. Read the full article here:

Falsely accused professor sues radical feminist

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A man  fights back: former university professor Steven Galloway is suing Cara Cole , the radical feminist whose allegation she was raped was not supported. Galloway is also suing other of. Supporting professors for accusing him of sex abuse . Steven Galloway needs our support for the incredibly important legal action he has taken. Googge

New York Review On Books – The Boy Crisis

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The New York Review On Books ( recently reviewed Warren Farrell's book "The Boy Crisis" and you can read the full review here -  Arlie Hochschild wrote: The cost of this disadvantage has only grown with time: of the new jobs created between the end of the recession and 2016, 73 percent went to candidates

CBC Feminist flag flying high

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Tuesday morning Sept 18 on CBC radio program The Current  host Anna Maria Tremonti totally lost it in an interview with Rick MacArthur, president and publisher of Harper’s magazine. In so doing she raised the victim feminist flag high up the CBC flag pole. She starts with the shop worn attack on Jian Ghomeshi before moving on