2015 Speech by Senator Anne Cools

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November 25, 2015 Speech by Senator Anne C. Cools Honoured guests, ladies and gentlemen, as a senator of 32 years, I am pleased to join you at the University of British Columbia.  Tonight I speak on children’s wellbeing, this vast subject that preoccupied my endeavours for decades.  I am touched by this moment’s link to

Some sanity returns to false sex abuse trials

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Three male Toronto police officers were recently acquitted of sex assault when the female trial judge, once again, found the evidence of the female complainant to be inconsistent, implausible and at times contradictory. She claimed to have been so drunk she couldn’t remember it all. Security video tape at the time showed her not drunk.

Why Buddhism is True

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In January of this year I published my book Dad: Win Without a Lawyer available on Amazon. It suggests to fathers in divorce how to survive psychologically and do well in court on their own without a lawyer. I suggest some books to my readers. A new publication has just come out that I highly recommend. The

Divorce Culture

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Divorce culture has infected every institution in so-called Western societies. No longer are the pillars of family structure fully supported by established religions or the nation state. The always hungry capitalist economies have seduced women out of the home into the soul killing work forces. Displaced men are trained at tax payer expense to apprentice

Mustafa Uruyar

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Justice for one Ontario man finally! Mustafa Uruyar’s conviction for rape thrown out on appeal for all the right reasons. Complainant Mandi Gray is now flying the feminist flag  claiming “rape is perfectly legal in this country.” Check out the story in July 21 Globe and Mail page A4 “New Trial ordered in sexual assault

Stats Canada says 70% of Indigenous deaths are male. Where is $53.8 million dollars for them?

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The Canadian government inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women is coming apart at the seams with yet another member,  this time a commissioner, resigning. This is the Commission that refused to include missing indigenous men and boys in its mandate, whose numbers far surpass those of the women. Feminist love to say of a

Vancouver Battered Women’s Support Society

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The Vancouver Battered Women's Support Society falsely alleges loss of legal aid for refugees puts women's lives at risk. A politically motivated claim is not evidence refugee men are abusing wives to death. - Carey Linde