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CBC Feminist flag flying high

Tuesday morning Sept 18 on CBC radio program The Current  host Anna Maria Tremonti totally lost it in an interview with Rick MacArthur, president and publisher of Harper’s magazine. In so doing she raised the victim feminist flag high up the CBC flag pole. She starts with the shop worn attack on Jian Ghomeshi before moving on to MacArthur.

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Mustafa Uruyar

Justice for one Ontario man finally!

Mustafa Uruyar’s conviction for rape thrown out on appeal for all the right reasons.

Complainant Mandi Gray is now flying the feminist flag  claiming “rape is perfectly legal in this country.”

Check out the story in July 21 Globe and Mail page A4 “New Trial ordered in sexual assault case.”

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Jian Ghomeshi & Bill C-51

Jian Ghomeshi’s accusers were caught by the trial judge being less than truthful. Gomeshi was found not guilty. All hell then broke loose among the juvenile victim feminists and their ilk. They have since duped the government in Ottawa to come out with Bill C-51  to help insure that lying women won’t get caught in the future.

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Screaming Goats vs Feminists

Diana Davison is at it again… Discussing False Accusers of Rape and much more.

“Motives for false allegations are not myths. This is the start of a series on why women lie about rape. *No goats were harmed in the making of this video.”


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