Mother who let her two boys sleep in her bed has them taken away by judge

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Different cultures have varying customs on when children should have a regular bed of their own. Intact families are left to their own choices on this usually without interference from the state. The issue becomes critical when a mother in a custody dispute  enmeshes  her children by keeping them in her bed. I call that an aspect of emotional


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  The anger a father feels when he suddenly can’t see his children as much as he used to is universal and very understandable. No caring and nurturing parent can not experience that anger. The anger is at the mother of the children, at oneself and at the “system” which is seen as biased in

Representing Yourself In Court

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Everyone is familiar with the saying that a man representing himself in court has a fool for a client. I am here to tell you not to believe it! It doesn’t have to be true. As a young lawyer, I never bought into it. The legal profession, like all other professions, has successfully convinced government