A leading Canadian case about a father fighting to stop doctors from turning his girl into a boy.

In the 2018-2020 case known as AB vs CD, the child of two divorced parents pursued hormone therapy without the consent of the father. Carey Linde represented the father to defend his right to make decisions about a life-altering medical treatment that the child might later regret. This case highlights the evolving laws of consent and the rights of separated parents.

Court Judgments and Orders

Interviews with the Father or Carey Linde

Video: Frank Vaughan Interview – April 2020

“The Father Who Cannot Speak His Own Name”

Running Time: 43 min

Frank Vaughan Interview April 2020

Media Commentary

Who gets to decide when a 14 year-old wants to change gender?

Father Gagged, Found GUILTY of “Family Violence” For Calling His Trans Daughter a “she”

The Canadian Government Is Now A Dangerous Big Brother

Orwellian attack on parental rights

Video: Father Of Transgender Daughter Now Facing JAIL TIME For Interviews About Child’s Hormone Treatment!!

Mar 12, 2020

Father facing jail time for fighting for his daughter's identity

Article: Father of trans-identified teen, Christian broadcaster facing charges for defying court order

Mar 12, 2020

Father of trans-identified teen, Christian broadcaster facing charges for defying court order

Vancouver Sun article March 2 2020

Medical Documents and Father’s Complaint Against Child Psychologist

Letter to Child’s Father from BC Children’s Hospital

On December 1, 2018, the father received a letter stating that a British Columbia minor may give effective consent if his provider (the hospital) is satisfied that the child understands the nature, consequences, benefts, and risks of the proposed hormone therapy.

Letter from BC Children's Hospital to Father About Disputed Hormone Therapy

Video: lecture by pediatric endocrinologist Quentin Van Meter, MD FCP

“The Terrible Fraud of ‘Transgender Medicine'”

Quentin Van Meter, MD FCP 

Running time: 41 min

Jan 14, 2018

Quentin Van Meter on the terrible fraud of transgender medicine