Divorce culture has infected every institution in so-called Western societies. No longer are the pillars of family structure fully supported by established religions or the nation state. The always hungry capitalist economies have seduced women out of the home into the soul killing work forces. Displaced men are trained at tax payer expense to apprentice to the so called “new economy.”   But not a dime for helping men first understand, and secondly try to adapt to, the major changes in their evolutionary path.  Upside down are the traditions of fatherhood, life partner, provider and protector.

There is no denying the inevitability of radical change required by ordinary men and women to simply survive.   Survival requires the retained and continuing mutual regard and cooperation of both genders. Men and women fought hard as hell in the swirling bingo cage of the industrial revolution seeking justice.

Women’s struggle for rights to fair and equal treatment in society remains robust. They properly diagnosed their gender to endure broad spectrum emotional suffering in their world. For a soon-to-be-forgotten  period progressives everywhere were in support. Then it all changed. That “theory of equality”  turned into a “theory of entitlement,”  hijacked by a frenzied minority in the feminist movement. The term “feminism” to most people now conjures up TV news items about some sign  bashing brawl to stop any one from speaking on men’s issues;  to hearing women blame men for every thing they don’t like. All sex is rape. And now even the wrong kind of perceived glance is a sexual assault and can have you kicked out of university.

As  cars belch poison up in the sky  threatening us all, these feminists infect an already ill population of women with grievance fentanyl.

The ship of marriage was on the rocks before 3rd stage feminism came by and started rescuing those who made it to the shore. “We will cloth, feed you, heal you and preserve you if you become a ________________.

(Here the reader has a choice to insert the  word “Christian” as sold to the small box infected  first nations in return for vaccination, or the word “Feminist.”)

Would the forces of the universe and  mind have been able to evolve gender relations in a sane direction had the juvenile  feminists not appeared? That attempt could have been invaluable. In its place, saliva dripping from the alien-like mouths of the true believers is dissolving away men’s rights to due process and presumed innocence.  Every young man sees this. They all know it.  They feel it. And they blame feminists in one broad brush stroke.

Young men are less and less inclined in their early decades to want to establish a family. “Maybe later.” And then later comes. In the mean time more and more outrageous acts of  violence against men have been on TV and it becomes “not now maybe never.”

Popular political media is constantly asking moderate Muslims to get their act together and shut down the  radicals.  The image of blown up suicide bombers can’t be the first image into your mind when the word Muslim is spoken.   Those who claim to represent moderate women: control your crazy sisters. Get your people out in the public square. Join the growing  numbers supporting those resisting the  onslaught against men and boys by feminist jihadists.