Feminisms’ laudable media focus on sex assault has unintentionally provided mothers cover to falsely accuse fathers. False allegations of sex abuse of daughters against fathers are increasing in family courts. The police and the media presume male guilt. Unethical custody seeking mothers manipulate that presumption. A false allegation is reported; an arrest made; kids don’t see dad for maybe months; borrowed money is given over to lawyers. If the man is lucky he might be able to prove he is falsely accused. Not all succeed. None survive. The stench of the foulest defamation goes with the man to his grave.

The liberal west implores moderate Muslims to deal with their embarrassing Jihadists. Feminists should confront the worm in their polished apple: the minority of their custody seeking sisters willing to sacrifice a child’s bond with their father to fulfill their own unmet emotional needs.

In the meantime, groups like MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) will continue to intrigue men and remain badly misunderstood by feminists.