Three male Toronto police officers were recently acquitted of sex assault when the female trial judge, once again, found the evidence of the female complainant to be inconsistent, implausible and at times contradictory. She claimed to have been so drunk she couldn’t remember it all. Security video tape at the time showed her not drunk.

In light of the feminist campaign to force courts to always accept as truth any complaint from a woman, the trial judge felt compelled to comment that any such assumption imposed a presumption of guilt on the accused. Believing the victim at all times has no place in court.

Kim Stanton, spokesperson for the  feminist Woman’s Legal Education and Action Fund, in typical knee jerk fashion, again accused the criminal justice system of failing women. The only failing is these tragic personality disordered women, consumed by guilt and revenge, aren’t accepted by some judges as the poor innocent victims they and their rapid supporters portray them to be.