The New York Review On Books ( recently reviewed Warren Farrell’s book “The Boy Crisis” and you can read the full review here – 

Arlie Hochschild wrote:

The cost of this disadvantage has only grown with time: of the new jobs created between the end of the recession and 2016, 73 percent went to candidates with a BA or more. A shrinking proportion of men are even counted as part of the labor force; between 1970 and 2010, the percentage of adult men in a job or looking for work dropped from 80 to 70 while that of adult women rose from 43 to 58. Most of the men slipping out lack BAs. We have yet to fully address these changes, and there’s no reason we can’t do so while also celebrating the successes of American girls and women.


It is important to note that a website such as this took the time to not only read and review Warren Farrell’s book “The Boy Crisis” but also is acknowledging the importance of it.