“Jeramey A was killed by the feminization of family courts,” said Vancouver father’s lawyer Carey Linde. He had heard that on March 9 a father hit with $8,000.00 a month in support and his children alienated against him took his life.   Linde added “The law, the courts, lawyers and politicians dispense injustice to children and fathers daily. The wonder is that more men, the misnamed abusive sex, don’t do more harm to themselves and others. Instead, men famously supress their pain and slip into a depression that robs them of their human vitality. Counseling offices across the land are overflowing with the children of personality disordered mothers.”

Linde blames the undue influence on politicians by “men are the enemy” radical feminists. “In addition to the injustices in family court, universities across the country are breaching due process by subjecting male students and staff to Star Chamber undue process for unsupported allegations of sexual harassment.” Linde added.

In response to the 40 to 50% of family court cases with unrepresented parties Mr.Linde has just published a book for self-represented fathers called Dad:Win Without a Lawyer while Rediscovering Your Soul.


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