The Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC) seeks to gag lawyer Carey Linde

LSBC has issued two citations against Carey Linde for exercising his freedom of speech. LSBC wants the hearing, normally open to the public and media, to be in secret and closed.

Here is his reply to this attempt to hide from the public.


Carey Linde is a Vancouver lawyer who pioneered shared parenting in Canada.

What they say about Carey Linde

Carey Linde stands far above the rest in terms of his professional and personal ethics, his knowledge of the law and his expertise in dealing with the intricacies of a Byzantine court system. He has a compassionate understanding of the plight of parents and children caught up in court proceedings.
S.A., Vancouver

It is true that he has taken an aggressive approach on behalf of his client. However, I conclude that he did so to ensure that his client’s role as the child’s parent was not undermined.” P.W. v K.W.
A Supreme Court Judge


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