Videos of Carey Linde

Interview with David Ingram

Video of Carey Linde being interviewed by David Ingram on July 22, 2009. Information about Parental Alienation and the importance of children having both parents equally in their lives. Discussion of how the legal system could use improvement, and what progress is being made in the courts. These serious topics are interspersed with some lighter conversations, making this piece both informative and entertaining.

Presentation by Dr. Richard Gardner

Dr. Richard Gardner speaks about divorce issues, including Parental Alienation. November 5, 1998.

Question period with Dr. Richard Gardner

Dr. Richard Gardner answers audience questions about divorce issues including Parental Alienation following his presentation on November 5, 1998.

Interview with Carey Linde

Carey Linde speaks about his Family Law practice and cases involving parents with children getting divorced. Topics include parental alienation, shared parenting, custody disputes, and more. (Interview divided into 3 videos, below.)