Good Evening. I just read your blog post and thought I would reach out.

I am a now alienated father from 4 kids who is being crushed by a system that is supposed to act in the best interests of the kids.

I lived in a fog for 20 years with a lady who I now know set out from early on in our relationship to control and dominate me.  I worked multiple jobs and countless hours to keep her a stay at home mom.

Our youngest child is special needs, non verbal and was a TOTAL daddy’s girl. I have not seen her since March 10, 2016.

In May of 2014 after two days of non stop arguing I made a fatal error in judgment and grabbed my wife by the hair. Physical abuse was sadly all to common in our home, slaps, shoves, objects flying through the air and not to mention lots of arguing and yelling.  Our oldest son soon became involved in the abuse that was mainly directed at me.

I accepted responsibility for my actions and plead guilty to common assault in an attempt to spare my family the embarrassment of testifying in open court. My current counsel has stated many times that this was a fatal mistake.

I have been charged with molesting my oldest daughter and had the charges stayed last October. In February of this year, counsel for my two remaining children of the marriage wrote a damning letter to the court that alleges I have molested three of my four kids and told sexually explicit jokes to my fourth child. Funny thing is that in May of 2014, when questioned extensively by police and Child services the three older kids said emphatically that dad never touched anyone of us inappropriately.

Needless to say I have been past wits end numerous time and the pain of being erased from my kids is unbearable most days.

Are you aware of any legal counsel in Lethbridge or Calgary Alberta who are affordable and would be willing to take a look at my case before I become another story of tragedy?

If it were not for an incredibly strong support system that has carried me through these past nearly three years, I would have ended my life a long time ago. In fact I was suicidal for the last year and a half while living in my home. Within days of my removal, my ex phoned our life insurance agent wanting to make sure that my premiums were paid up and to take over payment of my nearly one million dollars of coverage.   When I contacted my agent nearly a month later he was surprised to hear of my removal and now understood why she made the phone call.

To date there has been absolutely no consequences for any of her actions, this in spite of a blatant disregard in following court orders and also perjuring herself on more than one occasion as the stories of abuse grow and the system protects this woman who claims to be the victim.

Last week we were in front of a newly appointed feminist justice who pretty much bullied me into a settlement, walking away with pretty much nothing, while mom sat smugly on the other side of the table.

Thank you so much for your work with parental alienation and please tell me that one day it will be recognized for what it is…………child abuse.

Thank you also for reading a little of my story.