Shared Parenting

  • The Best Interest of – Information and publications by Dr.Warren Farrell, Author of Father and Child Reunion
  • Canadian Equal Parenting Groups Directory – Directory Listing of Canadian Equal Parenting Groups, by Province.
  • Custody and Access by SLS – Informative site about custody and parental access to children in a divorce situation.
  • Equally Shared is a cyber home for fathers and mothers who have made (or wish to make) a conscious decision to share equally in the raising of their children, household chores, breadwinning, and time for recreation.
  • F.A.C.T. – What is Equal Shared Parenting – Informative document about equal shared parenting and related topics.
  • – is a co-parenting system designed to assist individuals in managing child sharing between homes. The program facilitates planning for the welfare of the children. It minimizes stressful discussions and possible confrontations between custodians and parents who are divorced or separated. will make lives easier for everyone involved for the most important reason of all: OUR KIDS!
  • Shared Parenting Council of Australia was incorporated in September 2002 as a representative body for a range of organisations who share the common purpose of prescribing in law, every child’s fundamental human right to an equal opportunity and relationship with both their Mother and Father following parental separation or divorce.
  • Shared Parenting Works – “Children deserve fully functioning, natural, loving, equally dedicated relationships with both of their parents whenever possible.”
  • Shared Parenting Information Group (SPIG) UK – promoting responsible shared parenting after separation and divorce –

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