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Divorcees don’t need to afford lifestyle they were accustomed to in marriage, Court of Appeal judge says as he rules against ex-wife

In the so-called “battle of the sexes” or “gender wars” or injustices in family law, other than custody of children, no subject is more contentious and open to deserved critical debate than post separation financial claims by ex wives against former husbands. The mid 20th century  gave brith to the social engineering concept of former husbands being legally obliged to support their former wives in an era when women didn’t work outside the home.

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The anger a father feels when he suddenly can’t see his children as much as he used to is universal and very understandable. No caring and nurturing parent can not experience that anger. The anger is at the mother of the children, at oneself and at the “system” which is seen as biased in favor of mothers.

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Representing Yourself In Court

Everyone is familiar with the saying that a man representing himself in court has a fool for a client. I am here to tell you not to believe it! It doesn’t have to be true. As a young lawyer, I never bought into it. The legal profession, like all other professions, has successfully convinced government that only their licensed members have the skills required to  charge for so called “legal” services.

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Opposing Lawyer

It is human nature to want to trust someone coming forward on behalf of your X offering to help resolve problems which have vexed you for some time. When that person is her lawyer be careful not to fall into one of two possible situations:

  • The lawyer may seem to be a really good, polite, conscientious lawyer eager to seek a reasonable settlement of their client’s case.
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    Globe & Mail Reports on Call for Family Law Overhaul

    Report to Supreme Court chief justice calls for family law overhaul

    Article by KIRK MAKIN
    Published in the Globe & Mail

    An unreleased report commissioned by the country’s top judge is urging a radical overhaul of Canada’s family law system.

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    What is Parental Alienation Syndrome?

    Parental Alienation is a disorder found in many children with divorcing parents. This syndrome is an estrangement of the child from one parent, caused by the intentional (or unconcious) efforts of the other parent. The process involves the alienating parent making defamatory comments and hostile statements about the target parent in front of the child on a regular basis, in an effort to manipulate the child’s feelings towards them.

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    Divorce Information for Children

    The Department of Justice in Canada has an excellent section on their website called Supporting Families, with information for parents and children going through a divorce.

    The “What Happens Next” booklet for children can be viewed here, and the 2012 calendar that goes with it is available here.

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    Welcome to the Divorce for Men Blog

    Over the coming months, we will be providing information, and answers to commonly asked questions regarding divorce and the legal system. Listed below are some of the subjects we will be covering.


    Topics involving divorce and the law will include:

    • Introduction to Family Law
    • Separation vs.

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