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Mustafa Uruyar

Justice for one Ontario man finally!

Mustafa Uruyar’s conviction for rape thrown out on appeal for all the right reasons.

Complainant Mandi Gray is now flying the feminist flag  claiming “rape is perfectly legal in this country.”

Check out the story in July 21 Globe and Mail page A4 “New Trial ordered in sexual assault case.”

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Vancouver Battered Women’s Support Society

The Vancouver Battered Women’s Support Society falsely alleges loss of legal aid for refugees puts women’s lives at risk. A politically motivated claim is not evidence refugee men are abusing wives to death.

– Carey Linde

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Jian Ghomeshi & Bill C-51

Jian Ghomeshi’s accusers were caught by the trial judge being less than truthful. Gomeshi was found not guilty. All hell then broke loose among the juvenile victim feminists and their ilk. They have since duped the government in Ottawa to come out with Bill C-51  to help insure that lying women won’t get caught in the future.

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Re-examining the research on parental conflict, coparenting, and custody arrangements.

This article addresses 4 questions: First, how much weight should be given to parental conflict and the quality of the coparenting relationship in determining parenting time—specifically with respect to children’s living at least 35% time with each parent in joint physical custody? Second, to what extent are low conflict and cooperative coparenting connected to better outcomes for children?

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I have never met a dead beat dad

In 40 years of family law I have never met a dead beat dad, if by “dead beat” one means a father who willfully and with intent is underemployed for the sole purpose of avoiding child support. What I have seen are legions of fathers whose changing circumstances prevent them from earning what they would like, or used to bring home.

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From an alienated father

Good Evening. I just read your blog post and thought I would reach out.

I am a now alienated father from 4 kids who is being crushed by a system that is supposed to act in the best interests of the kids.

I lived in a fog for 20 years with a lady who I now know set out from early on in our relationship to control and dominate me. 

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