E.H. Victoria

I hired Carey to represent me in getting shared parental custody with my son. I had previously hired another lawyer who did nothing for me and charged me $4000. Carey was the right lawyer from the start. He communicated clearly. And because of his background in Psychology, he provided insight into the mentality of my son’s mother that I find most lawyers don’t have or understand. He has a way of understanding people and circumstances beyond what the face value of the law says. He was key to me winning my case and exhibited a determination and assertiveness that was appropriately needed for my case. I would recommend Carey to anyone going through a similar case of shared parental custody. I think Carey was worth every penny and ended up saving me tens of thousands of dollars. And because of his proficiency he ended up costing me less than my first lawyer.


G.L., Attorney & Arbitrator

Carey Linde has revolutionized custody for fathers in British Columbia.

J.S., Industrial Sales Supervisor

Everyone Should Be So Lucky:
It is very crushing to go through a divorce, especially when a child is involved. My emotions were on a roller coaster throughout this process. Carey and his team made this difficult time understandable and most of all bearable for me. At times they also slid into a therapeutic role, not allowing me to lose myself in one of the most trying times of my life. They focused my attention on the important issues in my case and made me realize that the big picture is more important than the day-to-day minutia one can easily get wrapped up into. For me the most important thing was my daughter, who was only a year old at the time.

Carey’s style is more collaborative than combative. A style, which at the end of the day, managed to achieve me a visitation schedule with my daughter of (4) overnights per week; an extraordinary accomplishment for a single dad with such a young child. Carey and his team are more than just legal experts in Family Law, but also an assuaging group of people that I now consider my friends. Everyone should be so lucky. It was like having my own personal army taking care of the things that needed to be done and keeping me strong throughout. Thank you Carey and to those on your team!


Mr. Linde is a kind-hearted, wise man who put me at ease and took the details of my case seriously. In a very short time he gave me some powerful, actionable advice. I am very grateful for that and it was worth the trip and money for me.

K. W., Vancouver

Carey met with me promptly and began his mentorship to me in the fine art of being a Father defendant in family law. His abiding message was patience and hope and try to de-personalize the onslaught. It took me awhile to begin to listen and learn, particularly in the latter case.

She would make 43 allegations ranging, in terms of false allegations, from the ridiculous – such as my purportably laundering money for the Chicago mafia, to the horrible, namely that I had sexually molested my daughter. This was the defining accusation that held much sway on judges and others during the 1980s. It took people like Carey, who laboured mightily against such travesties, many years to turn the tables and expose this all-too-recurring false accusation.

It was difficult not to let this constant barrage bury me in the well of self-pity, and anger was never far away. Through it all, while I railed against the imaginary, Carey was at all times the calm helmsman, consistent in his advice and patience.

We began trial in November 2002; it would last for 22 days. The Plaintiff took 18 of those days and was unsuccessful in proving any of the 43 false allegations. This was due to Carey’s insightful cross-examination skills and trial plan, which brought truth to the courtroom.

In particular, Carey was at the top of his game in cross-examinging key expert witness, specifically, a child psychologist. Carey expertly exposed her thinly disguised bias toward the Plaintiff. After an excellent exchange, the Dr. conceded and finally concurred I represented no threat to my daughter.

Cross-examination makes or breaks trials, and you can only imagine the confidence I felt knowing Carey Linde would be challenging any testimony that did not contain the truth.
I wish I had that transcript, it was riveting – controlled by Carey’s deep experience in both law, psychology, and experience in being a father in children’s lives.

I won full shared custody of my daughter and the Plaintiff an admonishment for fabricating evidence. …read more

M.K., UK

Reading your article “How the game is played” I felt after that you had written it for me personally. I am currently having major issues with my three year old son’ mum in that she is using false and malicious untruths with various bodies i.e. police and social services to say I am not fit to look after my son, all have been defended successfully by myself with evidence yet she still continues. Currently going through family court at the moment and have no legal counsel for me as unable to afford this. I had no idea how to approach the court and your article made so much sense and I now have a clearer picture on how to conduct myself at court. My son was born with Down’s Syndrome and I have to do what is right and just for him and I was really worried on how to deal with this as my emotions where taking over.

Many Thanks and Kind Wishes

J.S., Vancouver

Subsequent firing my lawyer due to lack of compassion and understanding for my situation, I hired Mr. Linde. That was the smartest thing I ever did for my daughter and I!

Mr. Linde and his staff were attentive to my needs and more than understanding to my unique situation. After all was said and done, the court awarded me (4) out of (7) days a week with my (1) year old daughter. No need to ask me if it was money well spent…the visitation schedule says it all. And Mr. Carey’s paralegal assistant, Mr. Armstrong was simply the BEST!

Though I never thought I would see the inside of a court room, I am glad that I saw it with Mr. Linde by my side.

S.A., Vancouver

I first met Carey Linde in 2006 when I consulted him regarding a protracted parental alienation syndrome case. Even though at that time I was not his client, Carey was generous in giving me advice and guidance through an extremely challenging situation. Carey’s advice was crucial to the success of my efforts to save my daughter from what the courts eventually recognized as a very harmful environment.

I have been a client of Mr. Linde’s since 2007. Of the many legal professionals I have met during the ten years of my family court experience, Carey Linde stands far above the rest in terms of his professional and personal ethics, his knowledge of the law and his expertise in dealing with the intricacies of a Byzantine court system. He has a compassionate understanding of the plight of parents and children caught up in court proceedings.

Carey Linde’s office established case law precedent in Canada by getting an order keeping my daughter’s alienating mother from any access for one year.

Carey Linde continues to take a sympathetic interest in the progress of my family, and I can never repay him for his many kindnesses in supporting us. Mr. Linde is unparalleled in his effectiveness as a family law expert.

D.M., Vancouver

(Carey Linde) “… an oasis in the desert.”