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It is great to witness the growing phenomenom of fathers without lawyers fighting in court for the right of their children to keep both parents equally in their lives. Unfortunately, too many dads still get hammered by the biases in the system. However, an increasing number of fathers are doing well on their own.

As time permits we will add advice, tips, and material to these pages to help those parents – both fathers and mothers – who support shared parenting but can’t get legal aid or don’t have the funds for a lawyer.

The good news for kids for the new millenium is that Warren Farrell’s long anticipated book on why and how fathers are so crucial to the upbringing of children is now out. All the important studies – and there are hundreds of them – are at your finger tips.

Check out Father and Child Reunion on Warren’s Web site, where you can order the book from a variety of sources. We can’t recommend this book highly enough.

Buy it and take it to court!


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